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RPT Repairing Furniture

Repairing furniture

   By Rompothong Furniture      

            We provide repairing furniture service which is after- sale service for customers
    We can evaluate cost by quality estimating of damage furniture and inform how to repair to     
To maintain furniture condition and extend usability. We will inform you its budget
    and cost.
Is it worst ? for customers' making decision.         

         Rompothong Furniture, there're a lot of furniture specialists, equipments&tools for repairing,
    quality spares from furniture factory directly

     You can attach furniture picture or shipment details to 24hour.

         Repairing furniture works     

         Repairing table services          key doesn't work, lost of key, damaged table surface, drawer doesn't work.                                                

          Repairing chair services      :      broken chair wheels or legs, unmovable level of core chair,
                                                              changing chair legs, changing chair wheels, broken armrest,
                                                               being torn seat cushion or making new seat cushion.
          Repairing cabinet services      :    lost of key, can't open cabinet door.


         Repairing safe services             forgot access code, can't open, lost of key, changing key,
                                                                  can drill safe, move safe by specialists team who knew how to move
                                                                   heavy item such as square safe exceed 200kg. which affect on
                                                                   moving including; higher floor, angle is narrow, heavy and
                                                                   the movement may be affect on accident happen.


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